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Transition to Telehealth

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we need easy access to support more than ever.  We've been staying safe at home and social distancing from friends and family for weeks on end.  Many of our support systems and coping skills are no longer available to us. Fortunately, telehealth is available as an alternative to in-person therapy -- and it's working! Telehealth is therapy conducted virtually -- via phone or video chat.

What can I expect?

I use my HIPAA-compliant client portal, SimplePractice, to conduct all video therapy sessions.  If you're an existing client, you're already set up on SimplePractice!  You'll receive an email notification the day of our session with a link to the video chat.  Simply click the link and you're in -- it's that simple!

How should I prepare for my video session?

The most important thing is to ensure you have a good wifi connection.  If you're using your computer, restart it and shut down any running applications prior to our session.Find a comfortable spot in your home where you can have some privacy -- this can be the couch, your bed, or even your car!  Anything goes, as long as you're comfortable and free of interruption.

Is it covered by insurance?

BCBS covers telehealth!  They do require a video component, so if you'd like to use your insurance our session will be held via video rather than phone.  Make sure to double check with your insurance provider to verify your telehealth benefits.

Is telehealth effective?

Yes!  There are many benefits of teletherapy:

  • It's safe.  With recent public health concerns, teletherapy is a great way to continue to receive support while maintaining social distancing.
  • It's convenient.  Teletherapy allows for more flexibility and ease with scheduling.  No commute!
  • It's comfortable.  Enjoy your therapy session in the comfort of your own home.  You can be in your bed, in your car, in your backyard, in your pajamas...anything goes!  Just show up.

I am a new client.  Can I schedule a telehealth appointment?  How?

Yes!  I am currently accepting new clients.  Contact me to schedule an appointment!  You will then receive an email with a link to SimplePractice to set up your account.  Everything is done online -- easy and convenient!Fun fact -- I was actually offering teletherapy before the COVID-19 crisis!  So, transitioning my practice to 100% telehealth was pretty easy for me.  Since I work with a lot of professionals and parents, I've identified the need for flexibility and teletherapy offers just that.  While I miss my sweet office and in-person sessions, I am thankful that we can still connect virtually. Reach out today to learn more about teletherapy or to schedule an appointment!